The hidden oasis in



JUNE 2021

The new Vintage is ready

The pleasantness of the vintage in an intense and captivating Franciacorta. The result of a rigorous selection of grapes and a very long aging, Brut 2014 is now available.

APRIL 2021

Biopass, the passport for life in the soil

Knowing the biodiversity of each plot to better manage the vineyard, respecting the life that inhabits it: thanks to Biopass, we can.

APRIL 2021

Beyond the vineyard: oaks, olive trees and care of green spaces

The wood is a precious good, that's why the trees of Ronco Calino deserve our best attention.

MARCH 2021

"Innate softness": which Franciacorta comes to your mind?

Very fine perlage and gentle effervescence. According to our "recipe", Satèn is a Blanc de Blancs of only Chardonnay that releases the fresh and intense aromas of a spring day.


When sun and water “nourish” the winery

From organic farming to renewable energy, the Ronco Calino oasis has never been so "green".


"Less is more": new look for Curtefrancas

After the Franciacortas, the Curtefrancas also dress in essentials.

The new red Ponènt 2018 and white Leànt 2019, both organic, are available again.

MAY 2020

Let's reopen together from Saturday, May 30th

We are excited: our hidden oasis among the vineyards is ready to welcome you again in complete safety in the weekend of the Republic day, May 30 and 31 and June 1 and 2. 

APRIL 2020

New vintage and new look for our Brut Nature

The 2015 tailor-made Franciacorta by Ronco Calino is back. Blend of the best Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes, it is dedicated to the bravest, who seek the purity of nature in the glass. 


Barrels, how and why

In 2007 Ronco Calino stopped using malolactic fermentations and decided to "value" 46 shades of Chardonnay in the barrels.


The new Vintage Brut

The unique and irreplaceable personality of the harvest emerges in this Franciacorta. The organoleptic notes of crisp fruit of harvest 2012 tell us about a fresh and long spring. 


A new look for our Franciacortas

Brut, Satèn and Rosé Radijan show a new fresh and graceful look. From the next year, the Vintages will change too.

And Satèn is officially organic for the first time.

Our soul

Ronco Calino is an oasis in Franciacorta.
A place of refuge apart, where the sounds and colours of Nature hold sway, where time seems to slow, and where painstaking attention and the ability to wait are the essential conditions that create Franciacortas with authentic, complex personalities, vibrant and luminous as the special place where they take shape.


The painstaking efforts of the winemaker, prepared for by dedicated vineyard work, make every bottle with the Ronco Calino name an expression of freshness, complexity, and crisp fine taste. A profusion of fragrances - elegant, clean, always distinctive - announces a palate that is lively, full-volumed, long-lingering. 

Such are our Franciacortas, even in limited releases, as well as our still wines. 

Visit the Cellars

If you would like to discover a wine maison like no other, we would be happy to welcome you, Monday through Saturday at 10,30am or 3pm and on Sunday at 10,30am. We will guide you through our underground cellars, where we will share our “winemaking secrets” with you. You will be able to follow the processing of the grapes, step by step, from the initial pressing of the clusters, to the fermentation and finally to the secondary in-bottle fermentation