Ronco Calino Franciacorta


MAY 2024

The bee and the vineyard: friends in biodiversity

Walking between the rows of our hill on a sunny spring day, it is possible to hear the buzz of some small guests hovering and flying from flower to flower: the stay in the air is short, because the sea of pollen awaits, invitingly, the hardworking bees.

The European vine has both male and female reproductive organs, and for this reason does not require the intervection of insects to fertilize the flower. However, the presence of these careful workers in the vineyard not only is an extraordinary resource for the pollination of the plants that fill the rows in organic regime, but also for the almost invisible role they play in taking care of grapes.

In addiction to their precious support in the protection and nutrition of biodiversity, bees can be diligent “nurses” capable of healing the wounds of bunches damaged by hail or other insects: by collecting the sugars that leak out of the lesion, they dry the cluster, which thus results less exposed to fungal diseases.

Today the existence of bees is threatened by increasingly sudden climate changes though, which affect the life of these little insects, already struggling to find a favorable environment for them. In this sense, the management of the vineyard in organic agricolture can be of great help: thanks to virtuous practices, such as green manure crop seeding, you can contribute to generate a fertile ecosystem for the thriving of bees, whose presence is always an indicator of a healthy environment, rich in biodiversity.

And, to us in Ronco Calino, a symptom of good humor

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