Ronco Calino Franciacorta



Barrels, how and why

Sensitivity and experience are the keywords when we speak of barrels in the winemaking process. They are the containers that can “increase“ and value the wine quality, but unluckily they can cancel its soul too. 

Our cellars host 46 barrels and the oldest one was bought in 2007. Every year we introduce eight new barrels from our French supplier with whom we have a 20-year relationship, which assures us to receive perfect barrels created with very long aged woods.

The first pressing musts of Chardonnay, which will create the cuvée of our Franciacortas except Rosé Radijan, live the first alcoholic fermentation in barrels but they never undertake malolactic fermentation.
New barrels are usually devoted to first pressing musts but we do not take it for granted. After every harvest, the winemaker chooses which musts enter the new barrels and sometimes the second pressings have this privilege.
Once the fermentation is accomplished, we keep on “pampering” our barrels through weekly bâtonnage that move the lees on the bottom of the barrels and give more taste and body to our Chardonnay. In March, we let our barrels stand waiting for the new harvest.

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