Ronco Calino Franciacorta


APRIL 2021

Beyond the vineyard: oaks, olive trees and care of green spaces

Franciacorta is a land rich in biodiversity: therefore, not only vines, but also woods of broad-leaved trees, conifers, shrubs, and various agricultural crops.

Ronco Calino is not an exception: the estate is bordered by 120 olive trees cultivars leccino, frantoio and pendolino, to which are added 100 specimens surrounding the vineyards of Provaglio d'Iseo, and enriched by 2 hectares of wood with farnie, oaks and downy oaks, chestnuts, hornbeams, ashes, and wild cherries.

In its great variety of species, the wood is an invaluable asset, and should be treated (and protected) as such. The wood is not only beautiful: it is a reservoir of resources that can bring multiple benefits to the ecosystem in which it is inserted. Trees act as a lung: they absorb and immobilize carbon dioxide, reduce the greenhouse effect and contribute to the balance of places. All reasons, these, that lead us to devote the best attention to the care of green spaces.

In the last few days, the tree climbers removed deadwood and pruned the oaks, carrying out targeted interventions where necessary. One oak tree received a special treatment: the addition of a traction cable to a fork to consolidate its structure.

Meanwhile, without climbing so high, we "trimmed" the foliage of the olive trees that, by nature, tends to grow in an excessive and irregular manner. Thanks to pruning, we can manage their productivity, renew the branches and ensure the perfect penetration of light, thus creating the best conditions for the October harvest. 

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