Ronco Calino Franciacorta


MARCH 2023

Auguri Papà! - Write it on the bottle

With the digital revolution, the art of lettering and handwriting has given way to more practical and faster tools: we gain time, but we lose in terms of uniqueness.

Calligraphy is an art that, in a time when everything is quick and immediate, requires us to slow down, to observe, and to make a deeper connection with ourselves and others: who would not be moved today by receiving a handwritten letter?

From increased concentration and neuronal activities to the processing of emotions, there are several benefits of handwriting that have emerged from studies at some of the world's leading universities: here, then, is where calligraphy untangles itself from the mere academic dimension and becomes a time to take care of oneself.

In view of Father's Day, we would like to combine the pleasure of a class on beautiful writing with the possibility of making a unique gift: guided by the useful tips of Anna Saleri, a professional calligrapher, you will be able to personalize a magnum of Franciacorta Brut Ronco Calino and take it home with you in an elegant gift box.

The appointment is set at Ronco Calino on Sunday, March 12, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Places are limited: reserve yours HERE!

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