Ronco Calino Franciacorta



Corriere della Sera writes about Ronco Calino

"Music, passion and bubbles: the tale of Ronco Calino": this charming title introduces an enjoyable article of November 24th on Corriere della Sera.

The nimble pen of Maurizio Bertera collected Lara Imberti Radici's words to track the path of our winery since the dawn of its beginnings until today. The strict and convinced philosophy of winemaking, the important choice to become organic and to take part in Project Biopass, the pride of being present in foreign markets, the value of a staff under 30: you will find these topics in the article that you can read in a shorter version online.

In the end, Maurizio Bertera paid tribute to the unmissable memory of Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli, whose house - which today is family Radici's - overlooks the vineyards and the cellar. The Virtuous from Brescia was "definitely the inspiring soul of this story of wine, women, Franciacorta".

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