Ronco Calino Franciacorta


JUNE 2019

Erbamat, the ancient grape that looks to the future

In Ronco Calino's organic monocru, ten rows of the vineyard Palazzo are planted to Erbamat

It is an ancient native white grape preserved at the Istituto Agrario Pastori in Brescia and experimentally replanted in Franciacorta by some expert agronomists a few years ago. Thanks to the interesting results, in 2017 Erbamat was added to the Franciacorta Disciplinary

But what makes this cultivar really different? Erbamat shows a steady acidity, ideal for producing Franciacorta, and is a late grape variety able to give complex and aromatic wines - because of its long cycle - and to reduce somehow the effects of climate change.

Ronco Calino joined the recovery project of Erbamat because this grape contributes to the freshness, elegance and longevity of Franciacorta wines, which have always respresented the style of the winery.

In this video, Pierluigi Donna, Ronco Calino's consultant agronomist, explains the peculiarities of Erbamat.

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