Ronco Calino Franciacorta



The Power of Beauty

The “power of Beauty” is the ability of beauty to infuse us, change our way of thinking, and therefore, what we do.  
Paolo Radici, owner of Ronco Calino, personally experienced that power. When he arrived, almost by chance, in this enchanted corner of Franciacorta where his winery lies today, he was so carried away with its beauty that he was inspired to carry out his dream as a youth to create “his own” wine.    
Photographer and videographer Mattia Pagani has compellingly illustrated “The Power of Beauty.” Starting with the perfect shapes of nature, and then the impassioned gaze of Paolo and Lara Radici, he entered the winecellar, and followed the uncompromisingly professional work of the winemaking staff. The finishing touch was a visual exploration of the pure forms of the wine bottle, the vibrant exuberance of the wine’s mousse, and the perfection of its slender bead of pin-point bubbles. 
In 92 seconds, Pagani recounted more than 20 years of history. And in a way that succeeded in arousing our emotion and excitement.

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