APRIL 2020

New vintage and new look for our Brut Nature

Our Franciacorta Brut Nature is ready to fill your glasses again.

It comes from the 2015 vintage, one of the least rainy in recent years, characterized by rather high average temperatures that required a short and prompt harvest in the first ten days of August. The "early" harvest assured us intact grapes and the right amount of acidity, the prelude to a long-lived Franciacorta. The almost absence of rainfall during the entire growing season and the consequent lightening of the weight of the grapes reduced the vineyard yields by 5-10% if compared to expectations but did not compromise quality in any way.    

Brut Nature is the tailor-made Franciacorta by Ronco Calino, index of the spontaneous perfection of nature.

It is as pure as the grapes from which it comes: Chardonnay (70%) blends with Pinot Noir (30%) into a sharp and clear whole, "bespoke" so as not to be retouched, given the absence of the so called liqueur d'expédition.

Created in only 3810 pieces in standard size and 128 magnums, we dedicate it to the most daring palates, who love extreme elegance and no additions.

Franciacorta Brut Nature is the expression of our most historic vineyard – named Pozzo and characterized by a unique limestone essence – it only comes from free-run juice and it rests on the yeasts for at least 40 months.

The bouquet gives notes of freshly ripe yellow fruit, hawthorn and citrus honey. The sip is lively, but also of excellent consistency and mellowness, and it ends with an impeccable dry and savoury, almost salty finish.

Its strong personality is perfect if paired with fish dishes: seafood and fish pasta, bread with butter and anchovies from Cetara, light fish-fry, salt baked sea bass with oil from Lake Iseo.

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