Ronco Calino Franciacorta



A new look for our Franciacortas

A breath of fresh air at Ronco Calino. We are starting to distribute our first organic Franciacorta these days and we renovated the packaging of our bottle. We felt the need to give the perfect continuity between our Franciacortas' character, which is subtle, elegant and graceful, and their appearance. Thus, after rethinking and redecorating the environments to host winelovers, we changed the bottle's packaging. The first Franciacorta to show the new look is our Satèn followed by Brut and Rosé Radijan and in 2020 the vintages will change too. Furthermore, our Satèn now bears the organic logo on the back label. 

For our rebranding, we relied on Raineri Design, who worked for substraction reshaping our logo and creating a packaging based on contrasts between the minimalist yet sophisticated label and the rich capsule, which stands out for its richness and impact, its five lines suggesting a musical staff.

The pentagram is a tribute to Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli. If Paolo Radici hadn't visited his house located on the hill which overlooks the winery, who knows if he would have ever imagined to make his own wine. And so... thanks to the pianist!  

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