Ronco Calino Franciacorta



When sun and water “nourish” the winery

With the decision to move from sustainable to organic farming, we revolutionized our relationship between man and nature, between agronomic staff and vineyard. However, this was not enough for us to perceive our Ronco Calino as “green” as we feel.

We reflected on possible solutions, and the first thought went to the energy that “nourishes” the winery. The choice fell on renewable resources: today we can rely on a system of photovoltaic panels and on a cogenerator that provide 20KW per day. Whatever is missing comes from the grid, but only from sustainable sources (Geogreen's hydroelectric power stations), which are certified by the "Guarantee of Origin", an electronic certificate confirming its green origin.

Always thinking of energy, we placed in our car park a charging station for electric cars, including Tesla, which we are the only ones in Franciacorta to offer to visitors.

We had another idea in mind: to be able to cool the cellar rooms naturally. We succeeded in this thanks to a complex system of pipes, through which rainwater drawn from a specific well flows.

Still on the subject of water, a critical issue arose from the washing of the sprayers used for biological treatments in the vineyard. Since we wanted to avoid burdening the soil with wastewater, we provided ourselves with a "bio bed", a driveway bed that collects the effluents. These latter are purified thanks to a natural substrate with microorganisms (fungi and bacteria), which degrade the pesticides.

All these choices greatly reduce Ronco Calino's environmental impact, which we measure through I.Ta.Ca, the Studio Agronomico Sata's algorithm for assessing the carbon footprint, that is the "weight" of carbon dioxide emissions of wineries. We aim at bringing the result of the calculation closer to zero through virtuous daily practices.

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