Ronco Calino Franciacorta



Not only wine: Ronco Calino releases its Extra-Virgin Olive Oil (EVO)

In that enchanted corner of Franciacorta that enfolds our winery and vineyards grow 220 olive trees, bearing the leccino, frantoio and pendolino olive varieties, and no less than our vineyards, the olives are cultivated in accord with organic principles
The 2018 harvest yielded an abundant crop of 20 quintals of sound, ultra-healthy olives. They were immediately brought to the press house and cold-crushed at temperatures never above 27°C, in order to preserve their fruit aromas. 
Our oil boasts a delicate bouquet marked by florality and crisp fruit, impressions that carry over to the palate, which impresses with its low acidity and pleasantly bitterish finish. These qualities make it perfect to heighten the flavours of fish-based antipasti, green salads with fresh sprouts, and vegetable soups. Quite apart from its luscious flavour, our Extravirgin Olive Oil constitutes a light-bodied, nourishing complement to a healthy everyday diet
 EVO Ronco Calino, produced in 513 half-litre bottles, is available solely in the winery’s retail shop.

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