Ronco Calino Franciacorta


MARCH 2021

Innate delicacy: which Franciacorta do you think of?

The sound brings us beyond the Alps, but many think that the origin of its name is all from Franciacorta. Anyway, whether it derives from the musical assonance with the word "silk" or from the French "satin" (satin), Franciacorta Satèn is distinguished by its innate delicacy, which recalls the sensations of fabric.

Produced exclusively in Franciacorta, Satèn is the only Blanc de Blancs of the Appellation, as it can be made only with white grapes: Chardonnay and Pinot Blanc for a maximum of 50%.

For this type, which exists only in Brut version, the strict Franciacorta Production Code indicates an aging on the lees of at least 24 months.

What makes it unique of its kind, and unmistakable to the taste, is the very fine and creamy perlage, which is the result of a gentle effervescence, less than 5 atmospheres.




For almost 15 years, our “recipe” has had only one ingredient: Chardonnay.

After the very first experiments with Pinot Blanc, in 2007 we decided to give up the two hectares dedicated to this variety in favor of Pinot Noir, which enjoys particularly fortunate conditions on our hill.

Only Chardonnay, then, but different Chardonnays: we carefully select the clones and the plots of origin, which we vinify separately in small steel tanks to enhance the uniqueness of their profile.

To further "elevate" each nuance, 30% ferments and ages in French oak barrels of different ages and toastings that, without overwhelming the soul of the wine, give depth of flavor to our Chardonnays.

The bouquet is a harmony of white flowers - first of all jasmine - and slightly green fruits, which release the fresh and intense aromas of a spring day. On the palate it is persuasive, but the moderate dosage, together with a pleasing sapid streak, makes the taste taut, crisp.

Satèn was the first Franciacorta from the Ronco Calino Collection to bear the BIO label.

How to pair it? It is perfect for an aperitif with raw fish and to accompany fish salads and risotto - try it with Franciacorta wine risotto. And for the less traditionalists: don’t miss it with sushi!

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