Ronco Calino Franciacorta



Sinfonia No.13, music for demanding palates

Arriving in wineshops just in time for Christmas is the second edition of Sinfonia No.13, the much sought-after wooden gift-box of twin bottles of this 2005 vintage Franciacorta. This capsule edition, limited to just 115 boxes, was inspired by the figure of Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli, Italy’s greatest 20th-century pianist. The Maestro lived, in fact, in the residence next to the winery, which Paolo and Lara Radici occupy today, and in his repertoire Mozart’s Symphony No.13 had a privileged place. 
The number 13 is filled with meaning for the Radici family as well, since it marks the birthday not only of Paolo himself, and of his mother Luciana, but of his youngest children too, the twins Francesco and Sebastiano.
Sinfonia No.13 is the fruit of the challenging 2005 growing year, which, unexpectedly but felicitously, ripened to perfection the grapes of the Ronco Calino monocru. Sheltered by the unique shape of the small valley that enfolds the vineyards, the clusters were able to achieve an elegant complexity. 
The result is a harmonious union in which the distinctive notes of Chardonnay (60%) predominate, but with Pinot Noir providing a sinewy foil, thus creating an intriguing duet whose impact is heightened by a maturation sur lie of over 12 years in the winery’s underground cellars.

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