Ronco Calino Franciacorta



Saying goodbye to a 2019 full of emotions

What an exciting 2019 in our cellars! In the last twelve months we have made big changes

The year opened with the renewal of our website, our "home on the web". We imagined it full of light, freshness and elegance. 

In March we completed the restyling of the rooms devoted to the hosting of visitors and winelovers, where today you can find the same fresh and contemporary touch. In the month of September many of you came to visit us during the Franciacorta Festival and together we tasted the baos by 18B paired with our Franciacortas. 

But the highlight arrived in autumn, when we changed our skin. 

We revolutionize our logo and the layout of our Franciacortas, keeping freshness and gracefulness as common thread and we presented our first organic Franciacorta, the Satèn. 

During all these months you stood by us and your proofs of friendship and praise were a splendid spur. We are really thankful and just before Christmas we want to send you our best heartfelt wishes.

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