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The dream Ronco Calino is more alive than ever: Crociate is the first vineyard we “give life” to

Facing the beauty of first times we grow, we feed our dreams and we learn that settling is not an option.

It is with the same imperative that Ronco Calino was born in 1996, at the hands – and heart – of Paolo and Lara Radici. Today, 28 years later, the dream is sharper than ever and is enriched, day by day, by new lymph. 

The latest news is Crociate, the first vineyard we implant from scratch and that soon will welcome 16.000 vine cuttings. With an area of 3,70 hectares, Crociate joins the other already owned 12,70, completely organically managed and split in 26 microparcels that differ in clone, rootstock, exposure, slope, soil and subsoil. Like the most significant part of our vineyard, this plot is located in Cazzago San Martino and, like our hill, benefits from a particularly fortunate position, with the rows facing north and gently touched by the fresh breezes from the Lake Iseo, ensuring the full vegetative evolution of the bunches. 

Work is underway: after a deep plowing to break and move the soil and a cross-subsoiling to till the ground, we proceeded with an organic fertilization. With the support of the Studio Agronomico SATA, we have collected and analyzed some soil samples in order to gain in-depth knowledge of the soil texture, the presence of skeleton and any microorganism that live here and therefore implement ad hoc solutions.

We are now waiting for spring to implant the new vine cuttings: in April, two thirds of Crociate will get dressed with Pinot Nero, while Chardonnay will cover one third of the whole surface. 16.000 new plants, which will give us the first fruits in the 2027 harvest

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