Ronco Calino Franciacorta



Beauty and efficiency

Paolo Radici wanted his winecellars to be hidden amidst the vineyards, perfectly integrated into the extraordinarily beautiful countryside suspended above the villages of Adro, Erbusco, and Cazzago San Martino. From the elegant rooms dedicated to hospitality, one descends into the underground cellar, where technology predominates, with chillers, presses, vats, and small barrels. Every detail in the winecellar is designed to assist the winemaker in his art.


Precision and patience

The hand-picked clusters are immediately chilled, so that their aromas remain fresh, crisp, long-lasting. A gentle pressing precedes fermentation in small steel tanks and oak barrels.
After bottling in the spring, the long wait begins: the Franciacortas of Ronco Calino rest on the lees at least one year longer than required by the Franciacorta Production Code. The dosage contains little, if any, sugar, so that the wine true personality can emerge, satisfying even the most demanding palates.