Ronco Calino Franciacorta


Beauty and efficiency

Paolo Radici chose a linear-style architecture for his cellar building, with pale-coloured bricks, so that it seems to almost disappear into the vines.  
The large hall dedicated to hospitality, overlooking the vineyards, precedes a more intimate corner reserved to wine tastings. Next to the wine shop, a stairway leads down to the underground winecellar.
Extensive spaces with a contemporary feel characterize these underground rooms. A large, open area that tractors can easily enter houses two pneumatic presses, one handling 50 and the other 24 quintals, which make possible two must fractions. Nearby, a chilling room holds the picked clusters before the pressing. 
A nearby space holds 30 stainless steel fermentation and maturation tanks, while near to that there is the ageing cellar, with 46 oak barrels for the Franciacorta base wines and 18 for the still red wines, all of varying toast levels. In front of it there are the bottle packaging area and the storage facility. 
The final large space houses the bottles in maturation: the bottles are stacked in custom racks that encourage air circulation, thus ensuring the desired mousse classic to Franciacorta. 

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