Ronco Calino Franciacorta



New dress for Curtefranca Leànt and Ponènt

Ronco Calino has always preserved the tradition of still wines, an ancient Franciacorta heritage that finds space in the cellars of the most curious enthusiasts.

Produced in limited editions and only in vintages that provide the ideal conditions for their creation, the Curtefrancas white Leànt and red Ponènt are enhanced by the organic label since the 2016 harvest .

In the wake of Franciacortas, now it is time for them to change their look, too.

The new Curtefranca release abandons what is superfluous in favor of a minimalist layout, where the essential dominates: the Curtefranca controlled designation of origin and, in calligraphic font, the name of the wine. The result is clean, as sharp is the sip that distinguishes them. 

After a rest of eight months in a steel vat, the Curtefranca bianco 2019 was produced in only 1436 copies which were bottled in April 2020. Pure Chardonnay, Leànt - like Levant - comes from Sottobosco vineyard, which with an average age of 28 years is the first to see the sunrise. The nose gives off the freshness of a spring day: apple, citrus fruits, honeysuckle and jasmine together with notes of pink pepper and saffron translate into a rich and gracefully soft taste. Try it with a delicate local dish, such as Lake Iseo whitefish baked in foil.

Located in the westernmost corner of the estate, Vigna Anfiteatro is the cradle of red Ponént. Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot aged in French oak barriques for twenty-four months are joined together in a ruby red with a contemporary character: dry, elegant, balanced. Available in only 1679 bottles (0.75l) and 30 Magnums (1.5l), it exudes frank notes of morello cherry and elderflower and, among the flowers, carnation and violet. In the mouth it is warm, enveloping. We recommend serving it at 15-16°C to accompany a pork cheek braised in the same wine.

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