Ronco Calino Franciacorta


JUNE 2022

Rosé Radijan: recognisability within and outside the bottle

In 2019 the desire to give to our Franciacortas a coherent presentation with their graceful personality led us to rethink the apperance of our bottle. 

The initial concept, that Raineri Design translated in a minimalist packaging free from excess, today finds its complete fulfilment. Rosé is the first Franciacorta within the Collection Ronco Calino to wear the collar bearing the monogram RC in the front and the name of the wine in the back.  

But that is not all: in favor of a clean and essential look, Radijan abandons the iconic "R" - that has been decorating the bottle since the year of foundation 1996. The Franciacortas Brut and Satèn will show this latest news soon, for the Vintages the release of harvest 2018 must be expected. 

In order not to give up the recognisability of the product, the glass remains customized on the bottom with our name in embossed silk-screen printing

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