Ronco Calino Franciacorta

In the vineyard

Organic within reach

Ronco Calino’s 10 hectares of vineyards have been certified organic since the 2016 harvest.
Since the geologic makeup of the valley is quite diverse, vineyard planting was preceded by a meticulous zonation study, undertaken by the SATA agronomic team. The physiologic-chemical research into the soils was complemented by sensory analysis as well. The zonation study identified six crus, and for each of them the experts created site-specific vineyard management approaches. Each of the parcels - Anfiteatro Nord-Ovest, Anfiteatro Sud-Ovest, Cima Caprioli, Sottobosco, Palazzo and Pozzo - is a unique micro-zone, and the priority of our agronomists is to understand the character and answer the needs of each.  For this reason, the vineyard operations calendar changes every year, for each vineyard parcel.   
Their north-facing exposure favours regular vine growth and crisp acidities in the clusters through the season. The vines average over 20 years of age and those dedicated to Franciacorta production are trained to the Guyot system, while the vines that yield fruit for the still wines are trained to the spurred cordon. 
An interesting fact is that, in addition to Chardonnay, Erbamat, and the grape varieties that go to make the red wines, a full 25% of the vineyards is planted to Pinot Noir, compared to the denomination average of 15%. This high percentage reflects our desire to create well-structured, age-worthy wines, with complex, multi-layered personalities.

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